Introductory Video: Why Jesus?

Welcome to Light of the Spirit! To help you understand some of the core foundations of our theology, we’ve prepared a series of short, introductory videos, looking at some of the basic questions of faith. These videos will give you an idea of who we are, also places for you to jump into the conversation!

Our third video explores a simple question: Why do we need a Savior? Most explanations focus on how holy Jesus was or how awful we are. Those things may be true, but what if they’re not the point? All of us come to a place in our lives when we realize we can’t fix everything. Most of us also reach a point where we wonder if we matter, if anyone cares. Who’s there in the moments nobody else can be?

Our videos, sermons, and articles are not meant to give slick answers, but to open up conversation around core theological convictions, translated into terms that are easy to understand. After you watch, head over to our forums to share your thoughts, give feedback, or ask any questions that come to mind. We hope you enjoy!

Here are our other introductory videos:

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