What to Do When Your Child Loses Faith

For most of a year now, Pastor Dave has been doing a podcast with Whitney Springston called “Parenting with Spirit” about compassionate, effective parenting with an eye towards healthy, faithful relationships.

We’re introducing this podcast to you at Light of the Spirit with one of our most important episodes ever. We talk about what to do in that (nearly inevitable) moment when your child turns to you and says, “I don’t believe in the same faith you do.” We look at what’s behind that impulse, why it might actually be healthy sometimes, and the poor way we’ve been prepared to deal with it in our normal church culture. Then Pastor Dave goes deep into a healthier, more theologically sound response.

Dave and Whitney have a wonderful time and almost always find something life-changing in their podcast topics. Give it a listen through the link below! (We’ll find a player we can embed soon, so you can listen to it right here.)

Click here to hear the podcast.

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