How to Recognize Abusive Parenting

Every two weeks, Pastor Dave and Whitney Springston–who works with a non-profit agency in Idaho helping under-served, underprivileged youth–host a podcast called Parenting With Spirit. As the name suggests, the show covers all kind of parenting topics, asking how we can be more faithful and intentional as we raise our children. It’s good for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, really anyone with children in their lives!

April is the national awareness month for child abuse. This week Dave and Whitney talked at length about what abuse looks like, how it often takes different forms than we think, how we can spot abusive parenting, and how we can make sure that our parenting techniques don’t tend towards the abusive, harming our children in the name of helping them. It’s one of the most important discussions we’ll ever have, particularly because many of us were raised with assumptions that weren’t necessarily the healthiest. We want to make sure we examine those before we pass them on to our children.

You can find the podcast here: Parenting With Spirit– Child Abuse Awareness

Please give it a listen and pass it on to friends!

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