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If you clicked straight to the forum from the front page, you may have missed our Worship and Stuff page. On the front page you'll always find the latest worship service and our introductory videos. Worship and Stuff is where we keep everything else!

Click on that tab and you'll find videos and podcasts, occasionally written posts, talking about faith and life. They range from more formal worship services to videos like "Being Trish and Dave", where we find faith in the little things of our daily lives. Two-minute Tuesdays provide 120-second responses to important faith questions. Thursday Thoughts give an expanded look at our weekly gospel in relation to life or the church.

We also have the Geek and Greek Podcast, which gives an in-depth look at the scripture reading for the week, plus Parenting With Spirit for those among us with children who want to find empathy and convey healthy love in their parental roles.

Very soon you're going to see videos from people besides Pastor Dave as well, stories from members of this community about their own faith experience or life in general.

On any given day of the week, there's a good chance that new content has been posted under Worship and Stuff, so give it a look!

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