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[Sticky] Regular Sunday Zoom Discussion Meetings!

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Hello Light of the Spirit Readers!

We are going to begin a regular Sunday Zoom meeting where you'll get a chance to say hello to Pastor Dave and each other, talk about that week's gospel and worship, and ask any questions you wish! These recurring meetings will be accessible through the following link. The time is 3:00 Pacific, 4:00 Mountain, 5:00 Central, and 6:00 Eastern each Sunday.

We're not posting the address as a whole, as internet bots will read it. You just type "https://" into your browser address bar, then paste the following:

If you need the address, you can always email at pastor (at) sov-id (dot) org!

See you there!

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Would love to attend, but that's Sunday dinner, family time with the kids and grandkids.  Still, I'm happy to see this opportunity become available!  =Craig=